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When a homeowner is looking for a new roof for their most prized investment, their home, they are not only looking for a roofing product that may be the last “roof” they will every need, a great transferable warrantee, but a roof that is also “elegant” bringing out the beauty and character of the home. With a DECRA roof you will get all 3 of these things with the strength and durability of a stone coated steel and versatile good looks of a tile, shake or shingles style roof with many choices of color to choose from.

Have you stopped and thought about the all the metal roofs on structures today? If you haven’t, take a look and you will be surprised at how many metal roofs you will see, this is because metal roofing has had a long and successful history world wide, it has a proven itself as “long lasting and durable” and its uses span over all aspects of construction from new homes, remodeling and re-roof jobs to commercial and industrial applications.

The durability of metal roofing can almost eliminate the need for the use of future raw materials because it is not effected by the wet dry – hot cold weather cycles that break down other types of roofing products, in fact metal roofing is known to stand up to not only these weather conditions but also wind, hail, ice & snow better than any other roofing product.

Some of the great benefits of a metal roof are:

  • Long lasting
  • Many colors and styles to choose from
  • Up to 50 year warrantees
  • Most metal roof products contain from 25% to 95% recycled material
  • They are themselves 100% recyclable
  • They are ½ the weight of asphalt shingles and 1/3 the weight of slate therefore reducing the stress on the homes roof structure
  • Its painted surfaces can reflect 65% the suns energy therefore reducing the amount of heat that your home absorbs and therefore reducing cooling costs.
  • The Metal Construction Association its inclusions on lists of “Green building products” and many states have already included it in their “green” building programs.

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