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Standing Seam Roofing

Metal roofing has become very popular over the last decade because when you think of “metal” you think of strength so a metal roof is a great way to get a beautiful, rugged and long lasting roof system that will last for years and years and with the advancements of the paint finishes and many choices of colors they will stand up to the challenges of the every changing seasons of northeast.

Metal roofing may cost more than an asphalt roof in the upfront cost but when you factor in the length of time that a quality metal roof system will last it brings into prospective what a good investment for your home a metal roof system is, with the ability to stand up to snow, ice, wind, hail, rain, wind like no other roof system and a 50 yr warranty this roof will give the homeowner a piece of mind for a very long time.

Other advantages of a metal roof system are that they can be made for recycled material and themselves are 100% recyclable. Also the weight of a metal roof is substantially less than other popular roof systems, a typical metal roof has an installed weight of just 1 to 1.5 pounds per square foot, compared to the typical asphalt roof of 2.85 pounds per square foot, so you see that metal is ½ the weight of asphalt. Metal roofs are fire resistant; they reflect the heat of the day away from your home therefore reduces your energy costs.

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