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Asphalt Roofing

Marathon 25 and 25 AR shingles are a time-tested, traditional three-tab shingle. Offering excellent reliability and supported by a proven track record, these shingles are at the top of their class in terms of performance and value. Marathon 25 AR shingles feature an algae resistant granule and a limited 25-Year Warranty.

Built right with solid construction and weather-resistant design, IKO Marathon shingles are carefully designed to highlight your home’s inherent beauty. These hardy fiberglass shingles shield your home against the forces of Mother Nature. Marathon Ultra AR shingles feature an algae resistant granule and a limited 30-Year Warranty.

For homeowners who want extra durability and protection, select IKO`s Cambridge premium architectural shingles. Cambridge 30 AR combines beauty with contemporary strength. Manufactured in a larger size to offer more exposure and create a high definition ''shake'' look for your roof, these popular shingles are versatile and easy to maintain and come in a myriad of colors that can suit any home. The Cambridge 30 AR shingle features an algae resistant granule.

Why We Have Chosen IKO Asphalt Shingles

Vonderhorst & Sons, Roofing & Construction has chosen IKO as our exclusive asphalt shingle and we are an IKO Shield Certified roofing contractor, so that means we install only IKO, with the best warranties and service in the business the ongoing training of the installers and their attention to detail.

We install the IKO System that includes IKO GoldShield Premium Ice & water shield, for the remainder of sub roof covering we use IKO Roof Gard, IKO Leading Edge starters and IKO Asphalt roof shingles.

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